Lake Marion

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Environmental Art.

The design of the eight acres of land surrounding the Lake Marion residence is an environmental playground constructed with minimal impact. The entirety of the Lake Marion estate covers twenty-two acres, including the land, wetlands, and lake shoreline. Strictly regulated by local codes, the lake and wetlands were protected from any impact to their function within the area. The surrounding eight acres of originally degraded land was overgrown with invasive evergreens and shrubs, devaluing the ecological diversity of the site. The clients were committed to restoring the landscape to its native splendor, requesting that the entire area be accessible. The house sits in the originally developed land, allowing the landscape architect to balance the rest of the site with restoration plans, minimize the impact of the work and design, and provide circulation to enjoy the diverse landscape. This then led to significant restoration efforts, an extensive system of linear paths, and art installations constructed from natural, reclaimed materials.

Client: Private
Location: Minnetonka, MN
Collaborator: Charles R. Stinson Architects
Streeter and Associates
Role: J. Blaseg:
PM while at Coen+Partners
Technical Consultant
Landscape Architect: Coen + Partners
Photography: Peter Kerze